Why you should give away your best ideas/advice for free

Do you ever wonder if you are giving away too much information? Do you think you are losing money from being too helpful?

This morning I had a consultation with 2 gorgeous women who wanted to know more about working with me. During the Skype consultation I realised where they were going wrong. I could see that they had massive potential and that even though their business was extremely niche, they have the opportunity to make massive amounts of money all with the right technique.

In my industry I see 2 things happening all the time…

  1. People call themselves business coaches yet have no idea what they are doing, some have made a little money in their own business and think they now have all the answers.
  2. They want to lock clients into paying a lot of money before giving away any advice. (I have had many many fellow coaches tell me I give away too much info, that they spread out the information over months).

This all depends on how much you know. For instance this morning I gave these 2 women an awesome idea that they both were delighted in, and also saw the massive potential and realised I had hit the nail on the head. They could now easily walk away and say they have got all they need, but I know that implementing that idea is where they need help, for that reason I am not worried about giving away my idea. Yes, they could go away and do parts on their own, but after speaking with me, they can see I know what I am talking about and they know my idea has merit behind it and I can deliver the outcomes we discussed.

I have a client I am now working with who is a nutritionist, we also had this same discussion, how much can she give away without giving away too much…. The fact is, yes should could put together a food plan and the person could walk away, but the fact that person came to her in the first place means that that person requires a little more than a food plan.


The fantastic duo I spoke with this morning had the right idea, they wanted to give away free advice to the first 20 people. But what I found was this was not going to create the ripple effect they required. I came up with a plan of giving away personalised advice to individual people while benefiting many other people and creating the publicity they need to really get noticed.

Of course you can create an free “e-book” or “pdf”, with some generic information, you can even have a ghost writer create it, but can you offer advice/help/your knowledge in other ways? Ways that can get people talking and sharing your advice.



For every person out there trying to get something for free, there is a person out there genuinely looking for help and advice. Rather than trying not to give way too much advice, why not look at who you are targeting and how you are targeting them?

For instance my nutritionist client, after speaking about what she offers and how she offers it, we realised her perfect client is the person who has tried many other “diets” and programs and has not had success. By targeting these people, she can give away some really great information for free and still have them paying her for her knowledge.

This might sound like a long shot in your industry but it is not, everyone who comes to me says they are not able to find that ideal customer who will pay them. Your perfect customer is out there, it is a matter of thinking outside the box.

Stop wasting time on teaching people that they need you, that is the hardest way to make money. You need to find the person who has the understanding that you are the expert or that you sell the right product for them. Sometimes you need to use an example they can relate to. It might be for example that you are selling new mums on the benefits of your program during or after pregnancy. OK, that women has never been pregnant so it is hard for them to understand what is going to happen, but you can remind them that they don’t want to experience what their mothers/friends/sisters did. In this case rather than trying to target the women who think they know it all, you would target the women who knows there is so much she doesn’t know and that having help will be the saviour for her. Rather than wasting time and money on ads such as “You think it’s going to be easy”, you would target the right women with “The first time doesn’t need to be as scary as you have heard”.

Giving away information to your ideal customer will either have them buy from you or recommend you to someone else. Give away your best stuff but only to the right person.

Want to learn more about finding your perfect customer? I run a free monthly 2 hour workshop, helping you working out your perfect customer, and how to target them. I only have room for 10 people per month.


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