Why you need a plan b!

Yesterday I ran my first workshop for my bootcamp….
I have been using Go to Webinar for 3 years and didn’t love it much.
i decided to try another system I have heard so much hype about….
I did a test run and all was great. Got on last night and for about 15 mins I couldn’t work out the problem. It was showing me as the admin, but I couldn’t start the broadcast.
I tried logging is again and again but yet nothing….
Luckily I still had my GoToWebinar account and was able to set up a webinar quickly. Still I saw some people not come across to the other system.
Today I ran another test which is working fine, it was exactly what I thought, the START BROADCAST button just wasn’t showing!

The missing link

This is not something new to an entrepreneur. I am constantly having to refer to my plan b!

It is important to have an option that you can use. Business is not easy. If it was no-one would fail and everyone would be a millionaire.

Whether you need to plan a backup system or be ready to pivot when things are not going the way you want then you should at least think about it.

Even though I tested Webinar Jam and expected it to work, things can still go wrong.

Planning is the key in business.



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