Why are some people so bitchy?

If some people spent less time worrying about other people, and worked on their own business, they might not have time to worry so much about what others are doing.

I received a very bitchy, passive aggressive Facebook message from a female in a business group I am part of. She tried to make out as if she was offering important advice, but the first thing I did was take a look at who she was and realised that she didn’t even have the first, most important marketing item setup when promoting yourself online. It is VERY hard to take someone like that seriously when she has absolutely no clue about marketing, and she is telling me to change my strategy as she personally doesn’t like it!

I laughed a lot about that! Every marketing expert (she said she is one) knows that personally taste and opinion is not important, it is about results! By split testing an ad/image/text/email you can see what gets the best results. And then you work with that.

There have been many times when I see high level marketing people and business owners do things online that I question. BUT the first question I ask myself is “oh, I wonder if that works or if they are just testing the options”.

Online marketing strategies for female entrepreneurs

The particular marketing strategy this female “marketing expert” told me to stop has brought me in more clients than any other strategy I have tried… But as she didn’t stop to think about why I am doing it, she chose to personally attack me.

Funny, this female wrote me a message saying “as a fellow online marketer” Funny but when I took a look at her Facebook profile she didn’t even have a link to her business page! Now I am all for privacy and I keep most my information hidden, but displaying your business URL is marketing 101 when you are on Facebook. She also explained that she didn’t know how to stop seeing my remarketing ads, which as a “fellow online marketer” this is also very basic knowledge. It also means that she is spying on me.

So by this “fellow online marketer” sending me such a bitchy message I learnt so much about her as a person…. 1. She lacks basic knowledge 2. She is spying on her competition as she needs help in her business 3. She is rude and arrogant.

People like her make me laugh. I have heard many stories like this recently, of people attacking competition. I dealt with it by replying and explaining why I do what I do. This is not the first and it won’t be the last. But hey, as long as I believe in what I do, and I know I am highly trained in my industry with all the knowledge I need to be great at what I do, that is all I need.

There are always going to be people like that, and the thing is, they never get very far in business. I know from experience….