When being you is more than good enough – re-branding you as you!

Do you have those moments so self doubt? Of course you do! You are human!!…. (If you are reading this and you never have self doubt then I suggest you may be a narcissist or something along those lines and you may need to speak to someone…. Just saying…)


We all experience it at some time and it is what keeps us on our toes and helps keep us honest.

But lately I have been seeing this whole new version of people who are experiencing this self doubt, and I have a few thoughts on this issue…

Here is the scenario: New online businesses are popping up with no experience or training while creating an illusion of success. This is great on so many levels and I completely love that people are taking the initiative. Unfortunately there are all these people out there with many years of experiences who are struggling to find their place in the online world.

It often deflates those with real insight and experience thinking “how can I compete with that?”

The trick is not to compete, use the Blue Ocean Strategy.

It is a big world out there… And I guarantee you don’t need a big piece of the pie to be successful. Create your own unique offer. Use everything about you to your advantage. Got fired once? Use that as a positive. Almost everything has a positive side to it. You don’t need to lie, you just need to remove the negative from the experience. By putting all of YOUR traits, values, experiences, knowledge together you will find people who want what you offer.


Don’t get left behind by being stuck is the past.

One of the biggest issues I face as a coach is helping these people leave behind the “old ways” and move forward. It is ok to have your own style and your own brand, but this needs to brought into the modern ways. A good example would be that as people moved from the 1940’s to the 1950’s they had to change their fashion and hair whether they liked it or not, it is just what progress was all about.

For instance I have a client who offers spiritual healing. I worked with her to create a new website and re-brand her image. I showed her my modern, simple, stunning design draft idea for her new site and by the time she finished telling me what to change we were back to where she started, an outdated website!


Remember what we tell children?

The most common advice we give to all kids is ‘Be yourself and the right people will see how wonderful you are”. Well???? What happened to your own advice? You need to take that advice yourself! Just be yourself! There is only one you.


Finding your own style and making it work for you:

You don’t need to be, nor should you try to be, like anyone else. As much as you may be worried that you are knocking out a large part of your target audience, you are more likely to alienate everyone.


Use your competition for inspiration not for copyiration

Look at your competitor and think about what they are not doing that your perfect customer wants. Work out what you have, can share, know that your competition doesn’t know. Look at ways in which you can differentiate yourself from them.


Don’t let people compare oranges to oranges. 

The only way to be truly unique in business is to be you. By being similar to someone else you allow others to compare you to them. If you are yourself, when someone says “I was also looking at your competitor” you can honestly say “Sorry I don’t have competition, no-one can offer you what I offer”.


Finding the balance

It can be hard to find the balance between what you are use to and what you need to do to progress. I can offer 1 piece of the advice which I promise is 100% true for absolutely everyone…. The first step is always the hardest. Once you get past that initial shock you will be able to move forward with seeing things in a different light, and you will feel differently about it as time goes on.

To begin with you will need to be ready to be a little uncomfortable. I suggest you sit on things for a while. If you need a new website or maybe you need to get some photos done for your website and you need to update your look, start by creating a board on Pinterest and collecting ideas. Show your closest friends and ask them to help you and tell them you are open to suggestions.

You need to find what works for you so don’t feel pressured. But set a time frame otherwise you may keep procrastinating!


What is normal?

If you are loud and swear all the time, the last thing you want to do is pretend you are a quiet god fearing soul. Changing yourself to fit the “norm” is not ideal as there is no normal. A Christian thinks their religion is normal yet a Muslim thinks they are normal. I think living next to the beach is the only way to live yet I know others that can’t understand my logic. Find your normal and you will find your “tribe”


The smoke and mirrors never last

There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in business these days as it is much easier than ever before to create the illusion, and this year I have seen it more than ever. What I know for sure is these people will not last. They can portray themselves as they wish, I do not care to worry about that. They might tell you they receive a lot of work, however I know for a fact many lose any credibility once they come face to face with their client as they are not able to “walk the talk”. There is no point trying to work out what is true and what is not, just make sure you are exactly who you want to people to know you are. People are much more savvy these days and want to see a genuine person behind the website.


3 ways to get more of the the right client by being you.

  1. Create a video or podcast so people can hear or see you and who you are.
  2. Provide social proof of what you can do
  3. Offer something free to help people see what you can offer. Webinars are great as you can talk to many people at the same time.


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