What is Re-Marketing?


What is Re-Marketing? (Also called re-targeting)

What is re-marketing?

Re-marketing is another term for re-marketing is stalking….

Re-marketing is when you target ads at people who have been to your website. It is a much, MUCH cheaper form of advertising and you can target people who have looked at specific pages on your website. You can also target ads to people who have started to purchase on your site then left your site and decided not to purchase. You may want to re-market to these people with an ad offering a discount coupon to get them to go back to your site and purchase.

Re-marketing is done by using a special tracking code to place “cookies” in the computer of people visiting your website, and then showing ads to those people, on the Display network & Facebook. (The display network are the ads you see on websites, for example, down the side of a news website.)

These ads can be a static image, animated image, text ads and video.

The main point to re-marketing is that you can advertise to people who have shown enough interest in your products or services to visit your website. These people are now more likely return to your website if they see an ad from you. They might have left your website to shop around , this way your ad can keep popping up on their screen and reminding them about what you offer. Your ad will also be targeted to what they had been looking at on your site.


Selecting your target audiences

The first thing you need to think about when re-marketing, is to analyse your data and develop a strategy.  Decide which visitors you’d like to target ads to and which visitors you don’t want to target ads to. You can target audiences separately or you can target everyone who visits the site, with the same ad.  The different ways to target your audiences are:

  • Based on the page they visited
  • Based on visiting a certain page of your checkout process eg: thank you page
  • Even based on not visiting a certain page eg: thank you page

You can also target people based on custom combinations, you can target people who visited one page without visiting another page eg: Target people who visited the first page of your checkout process without getting to the thank-you page, which means they didn’t complete their purchase.

You can target any audience based on any URL of your website. So if someone looked at red shoes on your website but didn’t purchase them, you can show ads offering a discount or just an image of the shoe to remind them about the shoes.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a spread sheet with 6 columns.
  • Name the columns: URL, Custom combinations, Audience name, Ad description, On/off, Google/Facebook.
  • In column 1 List all of the URLs that you want to be used for re-marketing.
  • In column 2 Include any URL’s of custom combinations if needed eg: they have to also visit blue shoes and white shoes.
  • In column 3 Give a name to the audience for reference. eg:size 13 mens red shoes.
  • In column 4 Note down any text you want to be shown in the ad or describe images you want to use.
  • In column 5 Use this to keep track of when you have these ads running (you may want to offer one week specials).
  • In column 6 Note whether this is a Facebook or Google re0marketing campaign.

Re-marketing is such a strong form of advertising. You may even want to show testimonials in the ads as social proof. The choices are limitless, and as these people have already been to your site they are more likely to notice your ad. This is great for any business or personal blog. The other brilliant re-marketing concept is re-marketing to people on Facebook. Statistics show people spend 1-4 hours a day on Facebook, your can target your ads directly at people who have been on your website, while that person is in their Facebook account. For this, you may want to offer them a special Facebook only offer.

Don’t miss this opportunity, currently less than 10% of businesses are using this marketing tool. It is such an under-utilised opportunity, get ahead of your competition!

You want to be using both of the following as the ads appear on different sites. Go to adwords.google.com and click libraries at the bottom left. Also check out adroll.com to get a free trial.







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