Want to make 2015 your most successful year yet?

You want success? Don’t just dream about it! Make it happen. The difference between a dreamer and someone who achieves their goals is 3 things:

  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Track

Do you want big things to happen for you? Do you want to finally get what you have been dreaming for for so long?

It doesn’t have to be crazy and it doesn’t have to be hard. It is proven that people that set unachievable goals…. don’t achieve them!

If you have spend every year of your adult life making new years resolutions and have never managed to make them happen then you need to do something different!

Start by setting smaller goals. Set a small goal and also add the steps you need to achieve that goal. By breaking down your goal into small tasks you are much more likely to achieve it.

For example: If every year you say you want to go to Fiji on a 5 star trip yet you have never achieve this goal, why not set your goal as a smaller holiday and add 3-5 steps you need to take to achieve this goal. You may need to -get your passport, save $2000 for flights, save $1000 for accommodation, look into a dog kennel service.

Or as an example you may want 3 new clients every month in 2015. What are the actions you need to take to make that happen? You may decide to: email your list each month with a new offer, contact 3 old clients each month and ask for referrals or hold a free training session each month for new clients.

By breaking down the goal into smaller tasks you will see that it is more achievable and you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

I have my coaching clients do this and they find that after 3-6 months they are more comfortable to try for bigger goals. My client Amy had never achieved a new years resolution, and last year I had her create smaller goals then she normally would have. After about 3 months she had achieved everything she had set out to do and so the small goal of saving to buy a small second hand car turned into her changing her goal and deciding to set her goal higher and save more to buy a better car!

Your goals can expand as you achieve and hit the targets you want. Don’t think you are aiming low. ANY goal you achieve in 2015 is a good thing.

Somethings just getting things out of your head and onto paper can help you understand just what it involved to achieving your goals.



Download the 2015 planner above to help you keep track of what you want in your business and your life for 2015.


How do you achieve your goals? Leave a comment below





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