To fire or not to fire?



I have had a dilemma over the past month. We have a cleaning lady coming to our house and she really doesn’t do a good job at all. Maybe I am extremely fussy but I think that if you are cleaning the bathroom basin the plug should at least get wiped down properly! I know… I ask a lot!

So I have been trying to get a better clean out of her but she really isn’t listening… AND the time she takes to clean to bathrooms I would of had to have cleaned the whole house because as if I have time to ¬†spend nearly 2 hour on a bathroom and a powder room!

I had almost told my partner to tell her not to come back the other day, but then it hit me…. I will have to do it until we find someone else. And as I know from so many people, good cleaners are very hard to find. There is something funny about how they all start off working hard and then they just get worse and worse. I have had so many issues with cleaners and decided the other day that knowing how precious my time is to me, I can deal with redoing the basin and the shower tiles if is means I get an hour to be doing something else.

This is the problem we face as women, we want everything done properly and forget that sometime delegating is a better option.

I am always trying to find tasks in my life I can palm off. So my of my business I need to do myself, but cleaning is defiantly one that I don’t need to do.

I guess I have a few more days until I will be complaining about my cleaning lady again!