The wedding website with a difference.


I was asked to create a website for a wedding a few weeks ago. As soon as I agreed to the job I asked for some details about the wedding. As I have been in the wedding industry for 17 years I knew the questions to ask to really understand the style they were looking for.

The wedding was being held at a sailing club as the bride and groom both work, live and breath sailing. And the bride isn’t a girly girl and said she didn’t want any flowers on the website. It was when I asked to see the invitation that I was so excited and knew exactly what to do. The brides’ friend had created the most amazing,¬†appropriate and unexpected wedding invitation for this sailing couple! This was great for me as it was easy to get hold of the graphics used in the invitation to create this website. The colours and images are all from the invitation which is 3 dimensional and stands as a boat!

A few areas that needed to be covered on the website:

  • The bride also needed to get details from her guests as after the lunch people are being whisked away by sailing boat to another restaurant in a different port 45 mins away, and needed to know in advance how many people would be going by boat and how many people wanted to be transported by the bus they are also hiring.
  • They are holding a secret Karaoke at the second party and wanted to prepare the songs that everyone wanted, so wanted to be able to collect the song details from the guests.
  • They are also serving only seafood and realised that some people might need different food so they needed to collect this information.
  • They wanted an area the photos could be uploaded after the wedding.
  • Venue map and parking instructions.

It was easy to create 4 different contact forms targeted to the question asked. These contact forms will be sent directly to the brides email address so she can reply or add the details to her checklist.

The photos will be uploaded to an area after the wedding and guests will be able to download the photos they want.

This was a fun outside the square type of project and really shows that a website should be created to suit the wedding theme. See the image above of the invitation and take a look at the website. It is all in Catalan so you may not be able to understand it.