The big Lie You Are Being Told About SEO

There are all these little companies out there selling Search Engine Optimisation packages that are getting you backlinks.  And they will tell you until they are blue in the face that they are doing the best thing for your website. However this is not entirely true.

OK… So lets say you make it to position 1 on Google and you are getting a majority of the clicks… Then what? Is your website easy to use? And the biggest question of all…. Can people TRUST you!

With a lot of businesses, someone will come to your site, look around think about buying and then find out who you are. For instances if you sell something like clothes or cameras, people will want to be sure you can deliver on time and that the item is the same as described. Or you may be a plastic surgeon and people will want to know how good you are and if you are what you say. Or you may be a builder and people want to know that you are not dodgy.

All of this comes down to Reputation Management. If you don’t have a good online reputation then all the hard work of getting you to page one of Google goes down the drain. There are many ways to create a great reputation online, the easiest would be adding real photos to your website, not just stock images of someone smiling. Also adding videos of yourself of someone in the company talking to the camera, also interviewing customers is another great way to promote your reputation.

Remember only you can be you! Work out what makes you unique and why people should buy from you. What makes you better than Joe Blow down the road?

If you have an e-commerce site, it might be that you can ship faster, or you offer something no-one else offers. Ask your customers for feedback, use the positive comments on your website.

I have seen it time and time again, people getting to position 1 on Google and still not getting the sales or calls.

Me getting traffic to your site is the easy part, but turing that into a sale is the harder part, and that come down to you! Over the years I have offered a lot of advice to business owners who just wont listen. I understand a website needs to look good, and just because your mum thinks it took good it doesn’t mean it is set up in the best way possible. Just because you like the image of your factory because you paid a lot of money to have it taken professionally, doesn’t mean it is the right thing for your site. Maybe a video of a customer giving feed back, or of a staff member explaining how they can help.

Reputation Management is crucial and will help you convert people into customers!



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