Q: How much should I pay for a social media expert

Q:What is a fair price to pay someone for tweeting, instagramming, writing and scheduling fb posts…basically doing your online promoting?? I would love to have someone do all this but not sure what kind of cost I’d be looking at…

A: It really depends on how much you want to post and whether you are providing images, copy ect.. or if you want to be free of it. Advertising budgets are anything you want. It depends on what you are doing.

For instance I get great results from twitter for free by teaming up with the right people.

If you have nothing to sell then don’t pay for likes on Facebook.

You also really want to get people into your database. Then you can email them directly. I recommend looking at the bigger picture then just the social media. You need to create a full plan. I know it sounds daunting, but doing a little here and a little there and hoping everything will just work is not the best solution.

Think of it like a car, you need wheels, steering wheel and an engine to make the car work, you need many things to make your business work. I see it all the time, people spend so much money on social media, have all these likes, yet make no money from it.


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