Launching For Massive Results

So what is online business all about for you? 
For a lot of us it is about doing something we LOVE from the convenience of wherever we want!

I know the excitement of having a really special service, new product, or you would like to turn your offline training into an online program….
There is that moment between the idea and realising that you need robust plan, that you get tingles,you are super excited and can’t wait to tell the world. You think of all the money you can make from your amazing idea, and think about what you can do with that money…. Pay off the mortgage, take that holiday, buy new shoes….
In all the excitement you can see that 1000’s of people will find your offering irresistible. Then it hits you… “How will they find me?”, “What if they don’t get me?”, “What if my voice isn’t loud enough?”

If you have thought this, then I will tell you the good news. YOU are already ahead of the game!
Most people don’t even think about what they need to do to get to their final result… They have already spent the money they are dreaming of making.

I work with clients in my different niches, and find that there is a moment between creating the plan and starting work on the plan that 99% of my clients become daunted with the task. BUT GUESS WHAT? It only lasts a moment! Why? Because once they see the plan, they realise I have everything organised. That by following the steps they can create something truly amazing.


You only need to look at Apple to see why launches are a game changer. No-one does it better than the late Steve Jobs.
People have short attention spans, and all see a lot of different sales and products daily. The great thing about a launch is that you can put a lot of emphasis on your offering over a short time period and built a story around it. Even if your lead didn’t buy at that moment, you have sent them a powerful message about who you are and what you offer. Launching properly will create a strong message.
The difference between “launching” and a business that “gets a new website” or “offers a new service” is that a launch is a strong call to action.
Think of people who tell you they have a new website, what is the standard thing they do? Post a link on thier Facebook page and get new business cards made?
NOW… What about when Google launches a new website…. “Be the first to know” “Get on the list” “Request an invite” “Members get a special offer”
These statements are called a strong CALL TO ACTION.

Apple’s call to action is “line up to be the first to get an iPhone as we have limited stock” Come-on! Every logical person knows Apple wont run out! Waiting a week is not the end of the world… BUT people still line up for days anyway.
THAT! Is a seriously great launch strategy!

If you are serious about creating a successful online business, and you want to do it the right way from the beginning, then you need to launch!
Relaunch a service, re-package what you do. There is a way for every business to LAUNCH FOR MASSIVE SUCCESS.

Last night I finished my 3 part webinar series about launching. Please feel free to watch via the link below. I also have more free training if you want to know more.
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