Is Infusionsoft really for you?

If you need to communicate with clients and leads then at some point you need a email marketing system.

I have noticed lately that a lot of “experts” are suggesting Infusionsoft to new business owners and entrepreneurs….

Let me firstly say Infusionsoft is a fantastic system and I recommend it to certain clients…. BUT the question I have for each of my clients is… do you really need it?

2 years ago there was no good alternative if you required these extra functionalities. However these days there are lot of other options.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is that some people are making $500 every time they convince you this is the system you need!!

Before taking the advice as being the best option for you, ask the person if they are an affiliate. If so they MIGHT not have YOUR best interest at heart.

mailchimp the worse email marketing option on the internet today

NOW! I am not saying this is always the case, AND I do believe in affiliate links… It is just that in this case Infusionsoft being $200pm MINIMUM is a massive spend even if you are earning $100,000+. Along the way you are going to have MANY more expenses, and it all adds up!!! Budgeting is important in online business.

There have been a few posts here about other email marketing options. So please search them and see what others are saying. For a list up to 2500 people, I think $30-50p/m is a reasonable cost.

With technology advancing so much, there is nothing that infusionsoft does that you can’t get elsewhere (and yes, easy to use). Also- I guarantee that half the things you “could” do on infusionsoft, you will likely never use.

All I advise is be sure the advice you are given is in YOUR best benefit.

I would love to know what email marketing system you are using and if you are happy with it!

Or if you have had this experience yourself.

Please leave your comments below.




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