Increase You Blog Engagement using Google+

So you have been blogging for a while and you want more people to look, read and interact with your blog. You know you have something good to say yet you just can’t get the traffic you hoped for….that you need!

Sharing your blog post to your social media is tricky. When you create a post and share it, you’re hoping that the people who follow you will see it, that it will be there just at the exact moment they are looking at their social media, however it doesn’t work like that!  Social media streams move fast, and the more people you’re following and connected with, the faster content and updates are streaming past you, and that is while people are actually on social media! This is why it’s relatively easy for people to miss a post you’ve shared on one social network or another.


Have you tried Google+?

Yes, it’s know as a boring, crappy, lonely place but in saying that you need to use it, and you will find great things in that wild empty place.


With Google Plus you have an option of adding people to a circle and you can notify them of your blog.

Yes, your fans/leads/customers can add you to lists so this way they are more likely to see your content, but this means they have to add you to a list. Using the following system allows you to provide content to your fans/leads/customers without them needing to join your mailing list.


Blog Notification Circle

Here is how it works. You create a new Circle in your Google+ account. You can name it Blog Notification, VIP content list, Little Monsters, or anything else you call the people reading your blog posts. Place anyone in this group who have specifically asked to be put there (It is best not to add people unless you are sure they want to be notified).

From now on, once you have the Circle in place, the next time you share a blog post, you’ll share with “Public” as well as this new circle you have created. This way everyone in this group is specifically notified.


Setting up the Circle

Firstly you need to create a post on your public stream inviting people to this circle.

This is what I posted.

I suggest you post this every day for a few weeks at different times of the day as this post will also quickly get lost in the public stream.


To create a circle:

  1. Go to the left side menu and click on People.
  2. Click on Your Circles in the top tab bar.
  3. On the Your Circles page, you will see all of your existing colored circles down below. Click on the grey circle with the black + to add a new circle.
  4. Type in a name of your circle – add people IF you know they want to be notified. Otherwise, just create an empty circle.

Now, as people +1 or comment on your invitation (post), you can simply add each person by hovering over their name and use the Add button to add them to your new circle. If you’ve already added them to another circle, you should still add them to this new circle.


VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Sharing and Notifying

Once you have some people in your circle you are ready to use it!

Start by creating a normal Google+ post share like you normally would. Also be sure to include 2 – 3 appropriate hashtags at the end of the post.

I suggest using a title and some information briefly outlining the blog post and adding >>>CLICK TO READ FULL POST>>> to direct the person to read the full post. Always add an image that is relevant and eye catching.

Once your post is ready, you need to adjust the audience you will be sharing the post with. By default you should have Public selected. Click on “+ add more people” and you will be presented with a list of the circles you’ve created, communities you’ve joined, and people you’ve circled. Scroll down until you see your new circle and select it.


You MUST remember to check the “Also send an email to” box when it is available. This allows the people in your circle to get notified if they have this option turned on. 

Once you’ve added your circle and checked the box, you’re ready to share the post. Make sure to double-check that your post is correct as once you’ve sent it, the members of your circle will be instantly notified.

Just remember:

Don’t abuse this system. Share what is relevant, what people want to know about and don’t sell, sell, sell! Make sure you are GIVING much more than you are SELLING.


Don’t forget about the influencers in your industry!

You can also create a separate circle for bloggers and journalists who you identify as influencers that want to hear from you on certain topics. These are the people that are so interested in what you have to say, and they want to be interrupted to hear it.



Make sure you reciprocate. Keep up with what the people in your circle are talking about. Engage with their posts, and share some of their posts. Show them how much you appreciate them. The more you help them, the more they will help you!

Give before you get.




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