I can work out if you are a fake in 3 mins!

So many people are now able to use social media to make themselves a “real business person”….

After investigating so many “businesses” it seems businesses/people boost their “knowledge” with 2 easy strategies. Testimonials & Longevity.

If you have a true friend I am sure they are willing to help you with boosting your online profile, this is why it can be so easy to get a testimonial. I get it, my biggest concern with my new clients is helping them with their an online profile, but 1 thing all my clients know is I never agree to them lying. It is not worth it as it is easy to catch the lie if you willing to spend 3 minutes researching it.

To me integrity is the basis to business, and I can tell you that the “fake it till you make it” is not the way to go.

My life is online, I am VERY good at researching people and businesses, I am the person that looks at page 297 in a Google search!

For example I have seen MANY businesses/people who offer lovely looking testimonials…. I only need 3 mins to find out everything I need to know about that testimonial.

There are a few main websites I use to find out exactly what I need to know, yes, people can make excuses for what I find, but the truth is out there.


Want to know what I know?

When I come across a business telling me they are THE EXPERT this is what I do:

I use about 5 different places to research this information. HOWEVER there are 2 places I ALWAYS check first to do my main research. If I find that there are discrepancies in these 2 places then I no longer need to move forward in my search. These 2 places DON’T lie.


First Check:

When researching the truth about a businesses the first place I turn to is Google image search with each of the images they use for the Testimonials.

You have NO IDEA how many times I have entered a businesses “testimonial” image and found the image is either a stock photo or comes up as a different name or it is a person not associated with that name/business.

Just in the last 3 months I have seen 4 people claiming to be able to make you $50,000+ per month and they have fake testimonials!

It is disgusting! They treat us as if we are stupid! 

I have been shocked to enter a picture into Google image search and the person giving the testimonial is not the person represented in the testimonial.

OR… In 1 case I found a “testimonial” picture used by more than 12 different companies and they all had this person with different names!!!!! (stock image)


Second Check:

Look the business up on http://archive.org/web/ Did they really have a website as long as they said they did? Sure, some people were offline until recently, but any normal business  running in the last 6 years would of had a website. ESPECIALLY if they say they are a web design business trading for 8 years… then they need to have had a site! (Just make sure they haven’t changed the domain as you might need to search a different URL)  In this case, if you find discrepancies just ask. If they have nothing to hide they will give you the old domain. You don’t need to say you are researching them, just ask if they use to trade under a different URL (domain).


These checks will get you part of the answer:

Even after using my 2 checks above, and if they come back without discrepancies you may come across something that is still not making sense to you. So I recommend asking for a trial period. Of course this is not always possible. But you need to ask if you feel this is important.

I have other ways to check the legitimacy of a business based on the industry, and I offer free consults if you need help.

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