How much are you worth per hour? $100, $200, $3000??

Well if you are in the average of business owners, you would be worth at least  $100 per hour.

So it got me thinking when I read an article about a business owner bragging that he does all his own SEO and spends 20 hours a week doing this! Now at a minimum of $100 per hour for his time, his SEO is valued at $2000 PER WEEK! That is $8000 per month!!! At that rate a business owner should be ranking #1 for all the main keywords! And from what I read he is not doing everything himself and is still paying for some other marketing. For a small business that is a massive spend!

It is important to look at where you spend your time and what you can delegate to someone else.  Of course in the perfect world you wont have to pay for anything, but then I am sure someone is saying that about your business as well. So we need to put into perspective what is really necessary.

The only way you can truly know if SEO and online marketing is right for you is to test it. If you spend $1 and make $2, then you dont need a budget. You just find the money as you know you will double it. Once you know where to spend your money you can start allocating more money to that area. That is the great thing about online marketing, it is trackable. See where each dollar is being spent and what is working best.

As a business owner, there was a reason you got into business, you must be great at what you do. So why spend time doing something your not so good at, when you could be putting your efforts into something you do well. This business owner I was reading about could be training new staff, creating videos for his clients, or personally contacting clients to thank them for their purchase. These are things that are much harder to employ someone else to do.

If you are still not sure what you can outsource, write a list all the tasks that need doing. In the next column write down how many hours a week it needs spent on it, and in the last column, write the name of the most junior person that can take care of that job or the job role. You will come to see that there are many things that can be delegated to others, freeing up time from the small jobs that others can do, gives you more time to do what you should be doing.

So I don’t recommend doing your own local SEO, leave this to the professionals that know what they are doing, your online business has many other areas that need you more.





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