Google+ You Seriously SUCK

So I got blocked on Google+ about 3 months ago (please read my previous post about it ).  And as I said previously I REALLY had NO IDEA what I had done wrong!!! I was totally stumped! I kept asking them to unblock me….. I kept getting a text box saying to remove the “bad” content, but they had removed EVERYTHING I had ever added to my page… SO I was TOTALLY STUMPED! Over these months I had asked other people in my field what I could have done wrong, no-one had an answer and I had racked my brain wondering what on earth I could of done to offend them to the point of blocking me.

The way they work is that if you have done something wrong there is a button you click to “ask for remorse”, this button then disappears once clicked, and after a few days if remorse is not given, they re-install the button at the top of your page (this went on for 3 months)…. Yeah no help AT ALL!!! They never sent me a message giving me advice on what I did, nothing!  There was also no-one to ask. Now, I have been working in the online world for 5 years and I couldn’t get an answer, nothing, I’ve just been frustrated by the lack of communication from Google.

So yesterday I decided to change my image on my Google page anyway… I don’t know why I changed it seeing no-one could see it…I did it, just because… I NEVER would have guessed that the image was the problem… So then suddenly I get an email notification that “EasyWay” has added me to his circles! OMG!!! I am back! YES! It must have been the image I had been using…. Now you are probably wondering what I had used as my cover image that was so appalling… It was a picture of me! Yes, that’s right!!! It was me in a banner, with a some text! It was something like the one below.

The funniest part is that it couldn’t be the text that had been the problem, because another Google+ page I have has more “sales” text on it than this one does and has never been blocked.  AND SO WHAT! If I have text that talks about what I do, how is that bad? Google wants people like me to use and promote “Google Hangouts”… This is meant to be a place for businesses to talk about what they do! Then how is my Google profile not a place to promote myself?!?!?!

Google+ wonders why they just can’t catch up to Facebook! Well, this is just one of the many reasons why Google+ SUCKS!

Don’t get me wrong… You should use it, as you don’t have a choice, they have (trying to have) a monopoly on what we use to come up in their search results. So use it and be aware. Be aware that Google+ has ridiculous regulations!! If they would of sent me a notification saying “hey, your cover image doesn’t fit our policy”, I could of changed it MONTHS AGO! But I got nothing! Thanks Google+…. FOR NOTHING!

Once again… Google+ YOU SUCK!

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