Google is to the west what Mao was to the Chinese…. In total control!

I know! I have said this before, and I am sure I will say it again sometime soon!! Google Plus Sucks.

For some unknown reason I have had one of my pages suspended by Google Plus for a violation…. So I clicked the little button it asked me to, it took me to some terms and conditions page and half way down the page they have a little link saying something like “review violation” Now I have no idea what could of been classes as spam, with Google, you just never know. I post 1-2 posts a day and all are interesting things I read online about online business. So I can’t even start to think what it could of been.

Anyway, that link took me off to some page about not spamming…. So I headed back to my business page and the original option to find out more had disappeared and the only thing left was a button that said something like “ask for removal” I clicked there as there was no other choice, and it said thanks we will check that you have removed it….

BUT GUESS WHAT???? I can’t remove anything because they have blocked all my posts! There is no contact button, or help button. Just a “suck balls, we don’t care if your frustrated” wall of silence!

If Google was a real business that didn’t have total power over the internet in general, then more people would be complaining. But for now who can you complain to? Where can you go instead? Yahoo? not yet…. But watch this space…¬†Marissa Mayer is going to stir the waters very soon. That women is going to change the game of online search… remember she was the one who made Google search what it is today….

Google wanted Google Plus to take over Facebook, that never happened, so instead they decide that you must use Google Plus to help your algorithms. Controlling much!

Currently I think we live in an unfair online world with Google having too much control and very bad service and limited options. I think when Yahoo gets all their ducks in a row we will start to see great things from them. (I hope they start with Yahoo search, I think my eye nearly fell out while looking at that the other day!)

My story above of a bad Google experience is no the only one!

Google has tried recently to fix it’s contact form issues, but I just think that they don’t really want to deal with it, and they know they would need to put on WAY more staff to deal with the complaints! Google Adwords and Analytics has become slightly more user friendly (finally)

I will be sitting back and watching what occurs over the next 12 months. I am really looking forward to there being more competition for Google. It might make them reassess how they treat their users. With so many other player on the market the online marketing will also become a whole lot more interesting.





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