Get more likes/comments and customers in less than 5 minutes a day

As Zig Ziglar said “For every Sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic you’ll miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.”

This is so true, and I find every day my clients ask me why they are not getting new customers and what is wrong with their product….

The fact of the matter is, nothing is wrong with their product/service…. it is just that no-one knows about it. Either not enough people know, or the right person doesn’t know yet.

I have always said, you can have the best candy store in the city, but if there is no sign, the windows are boarded up and no one telling people about it, you will never get a sale. The same goes online.

Most people are scared about being too “pushy” or too “salesy” but the fact is, the only people/businesses getting sales are those talking about what they offer or having others do it for them. You don’t think Adidas offer clothing to David Beckham to wear only at home do you? And you don’t think they give him last seasons stock do you? NO! He is a walking billboard. His job is to sell the latest clothing. All movies now have product placement, the cans of coke and the McDonalds are not there on the writer behalf, I can tell you that right now!

So unless you are friends with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, you will have to be one the spruiking your own products & services at the moment.

Testimonials are awesome and if you can get them, use them! If you can get a client to promote you on their own social media and blog even better.

Here are 3 things everyone can do every day, whether you are starting out or sponsoring the Kardashians.


Research and work out the people & pages to follow, groups to join, blogs/site and Youtube channels that are relevant to your business.

The idea is to help people in relevant groups, but don’t send your customers/leads to your direct competition.

EG: You are a Yoga Instructor.

Follow anything: health, wellness, active, spiritual – Yoga clothing, Healthy food for families


Now every day look at that list and choose 3 places to post something or help someone.


You don’t have to always promote what you are selling but it is important to sell yourself…. Think about what sales people normally do when you go in to buy a new car or house, they ask how you are, how was your weekend, what you will be doing for you holidays. They always tell you they are there to help. YOU need to do the same on social media.

You shouldn’t be going to every Facebook page and just posting links to your sales page, you should be offering advice and just being social.

Scroll through the posts on the Facebook groups/pages you are part of and look out for any comments or questions you can offer advice on.

On a typical day you might:

  • Make 1 comment in a Facebook group you are in.
  • Retweet a tweet from someone you are following
  • Pin a photo on your Pintrest board that you like
  • Comment on a Youtube video
  • Follow someone of Instagram
  • Comment in a Linkedin group


For example-

“Jenny” the yoga expert will head over to a “mom’s and babies” Facebook page. She will look at the recent posts and find a person asking about how to handle a child with gas, Jenny could say something like: food might be an issue and I also recommend some form of yoga.

“Jenny” can also follow people on twitter and retweet their tweets to her own followers.

“Jenny” will see a photo she likes on instagram and like it and follow the person who posted it.



  • Offer advice
  • Just like a post without commenting
  • Mention people in tweets WHEN it is relevant
  • Make friends with people in the same industry as you
  • Ask questions of your own in groups


  • DON’T lie
  • DON’T give advice about something you know nothing about!!! I warn you this will only backfire.
  • Stick to what you know and don’t be rude.
  • Don’t treat people like they are stupid
  • Don’t think your way is the only way (there is more than 1 way to peel an onion)
  • Don’t tag people for no reason
  • Don’t ask a question only to give the answer


To really build a following you MUST do this daily, put aside 5 minutes every day and within 1 month you will see massive differences in your social media presence. Within 3 months I guarantee you will have more customers. And remember, this is like a snowball effect, the more you do it, the bigger it becomes.


I offer a 1 hour Social Media Strategy Session where I will help you put this into a plan so you can PUT IT INTO ACTION!

After this one off-session with me you will have:

  1. The top 3 MUST USE social media accounts for YOUR business
  2. A list of all the best people, businesses and groups to follow, like and tweet about
  3. A list of all the best websites and blogs you should know about
  4. A list of all the best websites and blogs to use as references when on social media
  5. 10 ideas as conversations starters to use to get people interacting with you.
  6. 6 killer free stock photo sites to use for your social media posts (images work better than only text)
  7. Your Social Tagline (The 5-10 words used to get people to understand what you offer)
  8. A structured “5 minute a day” social media plan outline.

After this session: You will have a social media plan so you can use my 5 minute a day social media strategy effectively. With this plan you can either do the work yourself or outsource it to your team.

I will look at ALL social media options and work out the 3 best ones for your business/brand – Then create a plan based on the accounts.

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