First automation tool you should be using in your business

The Facebook Auto Post Feature For Business Pages –

FB automate my business

When you write a post inside your business page you have an option of clicking the clock face on the left side rather than the “post’ button. It is hard to find and most people don’t even know it is there, but once you know about it you will realise how great a feature it is.

You can schedule your posts months in advance. However I don’t recommend it. Things change and you really don’t know what you will be wanting to post about 3 months down the track. Remember Facebook is about current stories. No point scheduling a post about a cute cat on YouTube if everyone is over cats already and donkeys are the next big thing!

One other thing I really don’t recommend you doing is scheduling posts for every hour of the day as a small business. People know you can’t possibly be awake 24 hours a day and when you post is at exactly the same time every hour 24/7 people will know something is up and  realise you are faking it.

A couple of relevant posts a day is all you need. And I don’t usually schedule my posts more than a week in advance. If you are doing it because you are going away, then it may be best not to post at all. the worst is posting something that gets heaps of likes/shares/comments and you are not around to moderate and enjoy the social aspect of it.