Facebook Business Page Tip – Page Likes

I see a lot of people in FB groups saying “let’s like each others pages”.

I will tell you why that is a REALLY BAD IDEA!

I call it pity likes. Getting people to like your page who are not at all interested in what you offer.
I always like pages that I want to like and “swapping” likes is not the way to do it. There is no point getting likes for no reason.

Those likes will come back to bite you in the bum!
Facebook only shows your post to a limited number of people. Do you want that limited number to be people with NO interest in what you offer? Or do you want people who are going to spend money in your business to see your post?

Telling people to check out your page is very different from posts I see saying “It’s page liking Friday…Post your link and like everyone else’s page” OR someone saying, I liked you page so like mine too. I understand telling someone to look, and even saying please like if it interests you.

I am just against the people thinking it’s a numbers game. It’s not, it is a quality game.

You can remove your fake likes! Use this video to learn how




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