Do you really need a business coach?

Over the past few months I have seen lots of people complaining about their business coaches. They are not getting results, they are not getting any worthy advice and are even paying good money to be told “keep doing what you are doing” and the entrepreneur themselves knows that they need to be doing more!

I am not here to bad mouth any person, or to say that all the coaches are bad. There are so many great coaches that offer great advice and really make a big difference to businesses.

Firstly I must explain what a business coach is for and who needs one….

A business coach is there to guide you through the setup, growth and changes of your business. They are there to help you plan, to keep you accountable and to foresee problems before they arise. A business coach is there to help you become what you want in your business, not to turn your business into what they would do. A business coach should give you options for ways of achieve a goal, as often there is more than 1 way to do something. You may want to spend more on advertising or nothing on advertising. You may feel a certain way about something you do. A business coach with experience should be able to explain why something needs to be done, follow up with statistics and give you a chance to create your dream business. Of course there are times when there is only 1 way to do something, but usually there are options.

It is really easy for a person to set up one ad of Facebook and get you as a client as say they are a business coach and you need to set up a Facebook ad to get clients…. THAT is NOT a real business coach.

To decide whether you need a coach or not comes down to how long you want it to take to get results. If you do it alone you can’t expect to make big things happen in 2 months, it is more likely to take you 2 years, and some people never manage to work it out alone. Getting friends opinions is a REALLY bad idea. I have heard people tell me things like “I don’t like that colour on your site” “I don’t think those pictures are nice” I always say, put your money where your mouth is… People giving opinions on what they like is nothing but confusing and unhelpful. A professional business coach will have statistics on what works and what doesn’t. They will also teach you how to create your own statistics which is even MORE reliable than someone elses!

Opinions are nice but never helpful, only cold hard facts matter to whether you make money or not.

Fact: I made $2000 today.

Opinion: I would love to make $2000 today….

Which one do you prefer the sound of?


If you are wanting BIG results and faster than you would of created on your own, then get a coach. EVERY successful entrepreneur has a coach/mentor they work with. Those very successful AKA rich entrepreneurs have advisors for each part of their business. There is no way Tony Robbins and Oprah are coming up with all the strategies themselves. Every single entrepreneur will benefit from guidance and help, however if you’re willing to go slow and not be worried if you make a lot of mistakes, then you wont mind going without a coach.


I have heard some really bad stories about coaches directly from the clients mouths….

Today I had a meeting with a startup health coach (I will call her Jane), she has been getting businesses coaching from someone and last week the business coach had her run a webinar, after the webinar “Jane” asked the people who attended why they didn’t purchase and where she went wrong. They ALL said they are not her demographic…. (That’s ok, It is a good thing “Jane” knows this now) Anyway….. “Jane” told me today that since the last webinar that wasn’t successful, the business coach hasn’t given her any advice on where to target her ad for better results, the coach also hasn’t suggested she change what she did…. This is a case of not learning from mistakes… This business coach has told her “just do the webinar again”…. WTF?????? After a short chat with “Jane” I offered a few steps she can take to change certain parts of the steps she took last time, I explained why she went wrong and ways to avoid that next time. THAT is what her coach should of done! Not offered such bad advice.

THAT is what a coach is for, YOU do something, and then YOU & THE COACH look at the results and look for ways to make it better/change or leave it the same, but it is about evaluating the options.


The million dollar question is: What do you need to achieve and does the coach have the right experience for you? I know it is hard to know…. How to choose a good mechanic when I know nothing about cars? right?

Here are a few tips.

  1. Testimonials – From real businesses.
  2. Have you seen them in action? Do they offer free training? Is it based on what you want to know?
  3. Do they have credible experience? ( I recently saw a coach who quoted her experience as “corporate america”, that is NOT a company…. that is a term used for large businesses in the US, she also said she met the Dali Lama so that is why you need to hire her… Not sure how the sitting next to a guy who isn’t in business is going to help her clients!
  4. Does the coach do what they say they can help you with? EG: Social Media, You Tube, Webinars
  5. Trial offer (I am sure someone like Tony Robbins wont be offering a trial, but you know what you will get there!)
  6. Refund policy
  7. Their website – Is it new, organised, understandable?

It can be a daunting process, but I do recommend going with someone who is not pushy, and offers a trial or a refund if you don’t think the person is a good fit after 1 session.

So many coaches are frightened to offer a trial or refund because they say “my time is more valuable than that”, the way I see it is I don’t coach just anyone, a lot of these coaches will take anyone on just to take their money. (I am going to have a lot of coaches complaining about my point of view, but I DON’T care, as I know the slimy tactics of so many people.) If I don’t see a person being the right fit, or that their business will not make money then I would not take money from that person to being with. I wont just take money for the sake of it. A good coach should have a pretty good idea before hand if that person is the right fit for them. And I am so sure that if a person does everything I ask they will immediately see a difference, of course I am not talking millions in a week, but the growth of that business will be seen from the start. I have no problems with being accountable for offering the best coaching, just as my coaching client is also accountable for the results. So look for a coach who has your best interest at heart.

On a final note… If you do choose a coach who doesn’t provide any help in the first month, then I suggest looking into what the law is in reference to a refund or partial refund. You may just find you are entitled to it.

*Please note: clients do have a responsibility in the coaching program. It is easy for anyone to blame another person and class yourself as “hard done by”.

Coaching is all about the coach offering the advice and the client following through. It is not about a coach doing all the steps for you, however a good coach will provide training or point you in the right direction of necessary training when needed.

This blog is in no way saying all coaches are bad, this is only to get you to notice the ones who are not as qualified as they like to make out they are.




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