Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place for your business?

This is especially important for all the solopreneurs and husband and wife teams.

I have been thinking long and hard about something that is really depressing and something most people don’t think about….


Years ago I had a flatmate who ended up in a coma for 3 months from an accident. At the time he was renting a room from me, and 2 weeks after the accident there was mail that his car was to be possessed as his payment was overdue, his parents tried to transfer money and they couldn’t as he was an adult and even with proof they wouldn’t just transfer. It taught me a lot and now I think about how this could be a problem when running my business…. I have a business partner in one part of my business and she could offer Paypal refunds if she needed, but there are so many parts that I think would need to be taken care of, an email to my list of “warm leads” who are about to pay me, closing down my site so I don’t get new sales. I would hate for someone to have paid me and think I am just not returning their email/calls.

Who would look after your business if something was to happen? What if you don’t want things turned off but just put on hold for some time? Your reputation is so important and you might need it again later down the track.

I was recently told of this situation. What would happen if this situation happen to you?

You have 30 people paying you $400 monthly and you have just done a big promotion for your new service. Suddenly your partner dies and you completely shut down… You are in such grief you can’t cope with even emailing your database…. Your friends don’t know your business and you haven’t even contacted your VA. Suddenly all your clients start cancelling their monthly subscriptions, they all start bad mouthing you in your group and online…. Then you finally realise the bills need to be paid and your mortgage is overdue…… But half your business is gone. They have jumped ship as they didn’t know what was going on. Imagine having to now start rebuilding these relationships. WHY even put yourself through it?


You need an option of keeping all your info in one place but also peace of mind that 1 person can’t access everything at once. I worry about giving a Virtual Assistant full access to my data without it being protected. I currently limit what access I give to whom, no one VA has access to all of my logins. I would also like this to be the case if something happened to me.

While I was thinking about all of this I came across this site that I think may be helpful or (this one has more options.)

This just might be what you need to store your information securely and know that you can rest assured that everything will be managed while you are not here.




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