Do we really need the www and e in front of our details

I have been wondering this for a while and I haven’t had a proper answer. This on it;s own is strange for me…..

I normally can find a solution to my problem quickly. But this is a little harder.

When I gave my graphic designer the task of designing my business card I didn’t give her the text “email” and “phone” and “website”

But when I received the first draft of my business card she had added these words. My initial reaction was why???
But then I looked at the colours and  layout and realised it worked for my business card, the colours and design needed that extra colour.

But does that mean it still needs to be there?

If you see do you need to see www or website written in front of it?

Same is said for e: or email: do you need that to know that means email?

OR even more obvious: do you need “ph” or “p” or “#” to let you know that 0410636961 is a phone number???


Surely in this day and age we can all tell the difference between a mobile phone number, land line, email, website and street address???

So what is with the need for this branding? Are we so hung up on creating the “right message” that we think this will make us more successful or seam more knowledgeable?


I think the reason it annoys me so much is that i see it on business cards where is it added without necessity. The business card wouldn’t look any worse without it, and it wouldn’t look unbalanced, And this is the reason it is not needed.

Lets all start treating our e,p,w,a,m as a normal part of life and not act like we are giving out “special details”




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