Check out a recent website that needed my help

I was asked by Frankie to check out her website as she had just had it made and wasn’t happy with the results. I have rebuilt the site from scratch. Watch the video below where I go through all the problems with the old site.


Here is Frankie’s Testimonial:

“Online Marketing Princess… gave my business a Happily Ever After”

The Internet SCARES me.  Yes…  It’s true…  This intangible thing that is present in all our lives, TERRIFIES me.  Look, don’t get me wrong, I use the Internet.  I can Google and Facebook like a PRO, but the thought of building a website and all the IT jargon that goes along with it, is just too much for my MIND.  So when it came time for me to expand my little photography business and reach more clients and expand my earning potential, I knew I would have to enlist the help of a Web Designer.

I took the plunge in November 2012 through a local web designer I found on the Internet.  That part was EASY; there are thousands of web designers out there ready to work for you.  It wasn’t until later that I realised that there ARE thousands of designers, but FEW of them are actually willing to really educate you or talk you through the process.

The quote I received exceeded what I was able to afford at the time, but I thought that this would be an investment that would pay off, so I went ahead.  After months of emailing back and forth I was finally given the ‘all clear’ for my new website in February 2013 (four months later!), but it was not what I wanted.  And after all that money, time and effort, I still didn’t know how I was going to maintain the site.

I couldn’t afford to spend any more money so I never contacted the designer for further help in case it incurred more costs.  I was so ashamed at having spent so much money on something that was not functioning that I just left it.  Any potential clients were directed to my Facebook page because my website was so embarrassing.

It was July 2013 when I met Caroline Balinska of Online Marketing Princess, and less than two weeks later, my website was TRANSFORMED.

Caroline was sympathetic to my situation and was great at explaining how easy it would be to get the site functioning again.  I know NOTHING about websites and Caroline explained everything to me so I didn’t feel so frightened about the whole process.  Caroline provided priceless advice on marketing techniques specific to my business needs and my level of online experience.  I was even provided personalised, easy to understand videos on how I could maintain the site myself.

The site that Online Marketing Princess built for me looks AMAZING, but if I needed to, I’m proud to say I would know how to change a photo, add a page, write a post, change any text, sell products online, and pretty much run the site myself.  None of that would have been possible without the help of Online Marketing Princess.

Thank you Caroline – You’ve made this little photographer very happy and now in more control of my business future success!

Online Marketing Princess… gave my business a Happily Ever After.

Love Frankie





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