When being you is more than good enough – re-branding you as you!

Do you have those moments so self doubt? Of course you do! You are human!!.

Why you need a plan b!

Yesterday I ran my first workshop for my bootcamp.... I have been using Go to Webinar for 3 years and didn't love it much.

3 Fast, FREE & Easy Ways To Generate More Leads

This is the one thing that makes our businesses all the same.

Words, words, words…

What words do you use to present yourself and what you do? Do you use inciting, vibrant, intriguing and thought provoking words? You may have the best, most interesting and helpful solution for someone, but unless you use the right words to describe it people may just not be aware of what you truly offer.

[For beginners] 10 tips to writing irresistible blog posts

"PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE THEY KNOW LIKE AND TRUST" Do you break out in a sweat thinking about sitting down to write a weekly blog? Have you been putting this off for months thinking that it is just all too hard? I can tell you 2 things; It does get easier- I use to HATE blogging! It really does make a big difference in your business.

Increase You Blog Engagement using Google+

So you have been blogging for a while and you want more people to look, read and interact with your blog.

3 websites doing it wrong

Firstly I would like to say this is NOT at all a personal attack on these businesses.

Why you should give away your best ideas/advice for free

Do you ever wonder if you are giving away too much information? Do you think you are losing money from being too helpful? This morning I had a consultation with 2 gorgeous women who wanted to know more about working with me.