Case Study of a Pre-Launch Launch Fail v’s a Win

A pre launch launch fail. How not to launch your online course

I wanted to give you a quick case study of 2 people launching an online program. Before I get into it I want to provide an overview of the history of how I know these 2 people.

I don’t want to mention names so I will just say person A and B:

Person A: Came to me about 3 months ago and we discussed how I could help her. She was very impressed, but after going away to think about it, she came back saying she found someone with more experience. I understood straight away… Some people sell themselves on their own knowledge (like me) and others use tactics of making the competition out to be worse than them. So I wished her all the best and hoped to myself she made the right choice.


Person B: Signed up for my membership website package. She is very sure of her target audience and what she wants to sell.

Person B is still working on her course, we launched her Pre-launch signup page on the day she was speaking at a special event in front of her target audience. She had rave reviews. But the page didn’t happen on it’s own. As person B didn’t engage a copy writer I had to take her though everything she needed, where she was missing the mark and bluntly but kindly explain she needed to give it a little more passion. (I am not one to mince words, and believe my job is to sometimes be a little blunt.) I also explained what information this page should consist of and how her audience would read it. Of course my client was very thankful and from my insight and knowledge we now have a very clear Pre-launch page which a) speaks directly to her audience b) has a clear call to action c) Is beautiful and elegant.


This brings us to Person A. She popped up on my Facebook page recently, saying she was excited to be ready to launch. So of course I had to check it out….

The first thing I thought was OMG! I feel so bad for her! She was seriously ripped off by who ever did her membership website! And I thought, you only get 1 chance! And she has now lost a lot of people. Who ever told her they knew more than me was lying! There is no strong call to action, the headline may be the course name or a blog post header. There is no story. The whole thing is missing everything needed for a pre-launch page.


I really feel for her. I am sure she trusted whomever it was that said they could help her. When I go to a mechanic, I don’t know how to fix a car, I trust them when they tell me what needs to be done. It is the same in this case. Person A was looking for help and guidance. They came across someone who is not there to help.


No matter which package my clients take on, if I provide a launch package, I guide them with how to launch successfully. I don’t want them to fail. The worst part is Person A, she is very experienced, and she has the knowledge to give.


You need to think of your Pre-Launch as being the base to everything you do in your launch. It is JUST as important as the launch. The pre-launch is where people start to get to know you, start to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. Do it right the first time.


If you are launching a product, course of program, I wish you all the best on your journey!



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