Blogging For Results

Last week I was speaking with a prospective client and he has been using a cheap SEO service. In the discussions he mentioned he writes the blog articles and passed them onto the company to SEO. During this discussion I asked what keywords he is using in each blog, he was confused and unsure of what I meant.

I was SHOCKED!!!!! This means 100% the company is NOT doing their job properly!! The FIRST step to writing a blog post for maximum results is linking the keywords on the page with the keywords used for SEOing the page! This is not a little thing that was missed. This is MAJOR! and I realised that there are a lot of people not being explained this step of blogging. My website development, online marketing clients receive onsite seo services from me, and if they want me to also look after their SEO then we make sure that blogs are written correctly.

Even if you are not currently paying or doing SEO you still need to follow these steps as it will

  1. Help you naturally move up the google ranking.
  2. In the future when you want to get SEO done on your site it will be easier.

As an example:

A dentist wants to SEO himself for dentures. He write articles about dentures… fine! BUT! What about all the other keywords people search for? For example, people might search for; “when is it time to get dentures” or “how much are dentures”. After doing the right research the dentist will know which words people look for. THESE are the words you want to use in your blog. When there are 2+ words in the search we call this long tail keywords. I just use the term keyword, meaning that group of words is altogether as 1 phrase, it’s also referred to as keyword phrases. For example I can use “how much should I pay for a website”

These days I do a lot of business coaching for female entrepreneurs & small business for their online marketing strategies. I find that blog writing is really important for these demographics as it is a great way to communicate with your audience and show that you have knowledge in this area. Blog writing is time consuming and doesn’t come naturally to most people (I was one of those people 8 years ago!) The thing is you NEED to do it. So it is best if you start with a good strategy. Have a plan and guidelines to follow. But knowing the words to use before you start, it will be easier to write about that topic.

I always suggest writing a list of all your keywords and then researching topic ideas before you start writing, this way you have a guideline of what to write about to capture your audience.

A major don’t when writing a blog: If your not a good writer naturally, don’t try to get smart and start adding 5 or 6 unrelated words in 1 blog. You are better off keeping the blog short and direct with 1 or 2 keywords. Simple is always better!

I have created a mindmap to help you with your blog writing.

Feel free to download and print it off.


Blog writing mindmap




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