3 websites doing it wrong

Firstly I would like to say this is NOT at all a personal attack on these businesses. If I offend anyone please contact me directly.

I believe most of the time these mistakes are made by the developer not having a clue. It is likely that clients have not got much idea of the right way to go about setting up a website and they are looking for guidance. And I am sure these following businesses would be happy to receive good advice.

I am holding a webinar on this topic and will be going into more details, but I wanted to show 3 examples of badly laid out landing pages and the 2 tops problems with each of these websites.

I won’t be discussing design, this is only about the layout and features.

Website 1 – legalproblem.com

  1. Social Media Icons at the top of the page. The ULTIMATE reason for using social media in your business is to get people TO your website…. Why send them away? Social Media is a black hole, once people are there, they are NOT coming back. Hide your social media icons at the bottom of your page. Of course allow people to like/post/share you website, but don’t let them leave. If you want them to like your Facebook page, add a like button to your site. Not a click through link.
  2. This company has a “Free Case Evaluation” – this is huge! This should be top and center! Also when you click through they should give a little info. EG: We understand this is an enquiry only, we will let you know xyz…  This on it’s own should be a lead page/landing page. This is the page this business should promote for getting new leads.


Website 2 – ajhlawyers.com.au/personal.html

  1. Social media again…
  2. Email and phone are not clickable – People should be able to click directly to email you
  3. On the left hand side below the menu they have a big blank space that they should be using to collect leads…. An opt-in for example “The three things your ex will try to use against you during a divorce”


Website 3 – grumpyoldaccountants.com

Firstly I want to say GREAT NAME!

  1. On the left side the award click through to some other site… BYE BYE…. The lead it gone…..
  2. The page starts with the most recent blog post (I think). This should be something to explain the site. They say “Devoted to Financial Transparency and Ethical Reporting…” But to who? Small business, other accountants, government? It doesn’t tell me what this site is.


As with anything in life, there is usually a structure to follow, a way to work through a site. If you need help thinking about this, choose a service/product that you have heard about but you haven’t used before. For instance a “glamour photo shoot” or “nursing homes”. And take a look at how easy these sites are to navigate. Think about what you need to know and how easy it is to find. Then take a look at your own website, look at your competitors and see what they are doing. Don’t only look at direct competitors, look at competitors in different locations or in parallel businesses.



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