3 Fast, FREE & Easy Ways To Generate More Leads

This is the one thing that makes our businesses all the same. We all need leads. 

With so much noise how can we be successful in our businesses?

If you have read any of my posts you will know I am always saying “people need to know, like and trust you before they will buy from you”

Here are 3 tips that will work for all businesses.




Networking via social media will give you the chance to build a group of raving fans fast. The good thing about networking is that it is personal and it is targeted. Join Facebook groups which have people in it wanting what you offer. Stick to 2-8 groups and network regularly. Don’t try to sell your services constantly otherwise people will see your posts as spam.

I recommend dedicating a minimum of 5-10 minutes a day looking through groups and answering questions and you may want to direct people to blogs you write (I also recommend writing these posts at the time you see a question being asked). Then once a week you may post a link to an offer you have. BUT be weary…. If you are inside someone else group that offers what you offer, DON’T post your offers! This would be like you standing inside Walmart and handing out fliers for the competitor down the road.



People love visuals. Create an Infographic for free using platforms like Piktochart. This is of the best ways to share information.  Remember, sharing information is a great way to generate leads. People want to do business with experts. You can do an infographic about almost anything. Statistics are a great place to start or a step by step infographic about your product/service.

Make sure you share it. Post it to your blog first then share the link. Share it on all your social media platforms. This is a great Pinterest pin as well.



This may sound like a daunting one, but if you don’t ask you shall not receive. A great example is of a photographer I network with. She is awesome and I suggested she run a special day where people can come for a special discounted price. We were at a networking event together with her exact target audience and I asked if she had asked these people and she hadn’t, she was not sure if to ask.

I get it! I am not the type of salesperson who sell ice to eskimos. I never like pushing my services, but remember there is no harm in asking. Most the time you will find out people didn’t know how you can help them and they are happy to hear about what you offer.

Ask your friends. Set up a list in your email system called friends and once a month send them a quick email with something they will find of value… A funny cat pic or a recipe they would love. Group these people as you think (Aunties, school mums, acquaintances). And then once every 6 months just ask if they know anyone who wants what you offer. I am 100% sure that if a school mum you knew sent you an email saying “hi, I was wondering if you know anyone who is interested in personalised hand kitted baby socks do you mind letting them know about my Etsy store. I would really appreciate it, and because they are your friend I would love to offer them a 10% discount”. If you got an email like this from someone you knew I am sure you would instantly start think of who you may know.

Warning, don’t do it every month!

Or you may just want to send it out to current & previous customers. Please Note: If you are sending this to current & previous customers always offer that person an incentive as well, don’t say “this 10% is only for new customers, offer your customer something as well. I always offer my clients a discount on their next service with me as a “finders fee” for new clients they bring me.


These are just 3 ways to build your list of leads. It is a great idea to have a plan in place so you are able to schedule your weekly list building tasks. If you need more help & a more systematized way that has been created just for you check out my Bootcamp.




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