What is Re-Marketing?

  What is Re-Marketing? (Also called re-targeting) What is re-marketing? Re-marketing is another term for re-marketing is stalking.

Here is Frankie reviewing her experience

Frankie is a recent client, this is how I want all my clients to feel.

WooCommerce Training Video – Settings

Do you have a WooCommerce Shopping cart. Here is a training video I put together on how to change the settings for your site.

Website review for Alegna Solutions

Here is a quick website development review http://youtu.

How much are you worth per hour? $100, $200, $3000??

Well if you are in the average of business owners, you would be worth at least  $100 per hour.

Check out a recent website that needed my help

I was asked by Frankie to check out her website as she had just had it made and wasn't happy with the results.