20 SEO tips you can do without being an SEO expert – part 1

I am going to offer 20 tips that can and should be done for your business

1. Set up your Google+ account

Ask anyone and they will tell you that no one wants to use it. But if you want to play in Google’s playground, you have to play their way. And they want to compete with Facebook, so you have to post stuff on their lame social media site.

2. Verify your Google Authorship

This is the mechanism by which Google’s search engine rankings can be influenced by your Author Rank. Your Author rank is your ranking based on the articles you write. Every time you add a new blog, this give you “points” towards your ranking. Once you have set up your Google+ account follow these steps.

  1. Click on profile
  2. Click about
  3. On the right side you will see a box “links”. Click edit at the bottom
  4. Under the header “Contributor to” Add you website, blog and anywhere else you write articles and blogs on a regular basis
  5. Add the plugin All in One SEO to your WordPress website
  6. Add your Google+ profile in the settings
  7. Test that it is working by following this link Structured Data Testing Tool

3. Finish setting up your Google+ account

Under the “about” section fill out the “Other profiles” by adding your facebook, twitter, linked in and any other social media account you have.

4. Post to your Google+ account 

As much as possible…. Use your twitter or Facebook links as ideas. Once you start getting some posts out there, people will start adding you. Google is not about adding friends. Just add anyone and class it as a purely business account.



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