1 very cheap form of advertising 99% of businesses are NOT doing

This is so new that most businesses are not doing it, and of the businesses that know about it, most of those are too lazy to bother.
It is so cheap AND you can be sure that the people you aim your ad at, have been interested on your business in the past.
This is going to cost less than $2 per click and help gain a loyal audience.
What is it.
Re targeting your traffic in Facebook ads.
Where do a large proportion of people send a lot of time? Yes, that’s right, on Facebook… So why not advertise to them while they are in their happy place? The good thing about re-marketing to people while in Facebook, is that they can easily and quickly past your details around to their friends. Offer something wow, this way they want to share it with friends.

Facebook re-marketing can be shown in the feed or in the side bar.
Go to Adroll.com to get more information. Don’t let this smart and cheap form of advertising past you by!



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